This rising up each day

and walking

when the world is so heavy

is a test of any heart-mind

awake to itself.



to itself.

Holding your breath

won’t do, dear one.

Don’t block

the seed-carrying winds

traveling over

your inner mountain.

There are cold, calculating forces,

spin-doctors and spell-casters,

who would enslave your life-force.

Everything they stand for,

right down to their livelihood,

seeks to freeze the river of warmth inside you.

Don’t allow the sorcerers to win.

Don't give them

your precious attention.

Launch an active rebellion

against their trances instead.

Embody YOUR golden embodiment.

You are golden

and the golden sunshine of tomorrow

awaits you.

You must keep your eyes open

so you can truly see it all unfold.

Even this morning

I bet you didn’t notice

all the flecks of gold

falling off of you

as you moved between the worlds.


You are golden.